New UCW 350: lthe ideal solution when to cleaning glassware, format parts and small containers for the pharmaceutical market. The machine is provided with a fully automatic vertical sliding door. All the process programs consist on pre-washing, washing with chemicals, rinsing and hot air drying with a continuous monitoring of water TOC, conductivity and PH all over the cycle. The machine can be built-in H2O2 decontamination system, optionally. Innovative centrally located sump for water saving, or spray balls action for deep cleaning process are just few of the machine’s features. Custom made handling system available for any type of load.

Why the development of a Cleaning Strategy is mandatory on Pharma?

Cleaning is an essential practice for any pharmaceutical activity: it is impossible to manufacture drugs in dirty conditions, even if dirt is not evident. Defining differences between a sterilization and a lcleaning treatment is important in order to understand in depth the main problems and peculiarities when defining a cleaning strategy.

What to take into account for setting up a Cleaning Procedure?

Type of dirt to be removed: a clear indication of the type of soiling (e.g. coatings, talc, magnesium stearate, oils, vitamin A, extracts, powder mixtures, pigments, cosmetics, etc.)
Material to be clean: a clear indication of the geometry, dimensions, quantity and construction features of all parts
Expected cleaning results: it is important to define which are the main targets to meet with this process
Process wastes: it is mandatory to define the wastes management procedure for any chemical products such as high potent dirt, detergents, etc.

Which are the main advantages of selecting an automatic cleaning process?

Repeatability and Reliability of process, which can be guaranteed just with an automatic system.
Validation of process, in fact only with a validated and consistent process, unequivocal scientific data can be given.
Energy and time saving n order to drastically reduce running costs.

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