The advantages of acetone in pharmaceutical industrial washing

Acetone is an extremely effective polar solvent that dissolves almost all organic compounds from metal, plastic or glass surfaces. Compared to more hazardous solvents such as methanol or ethanol, acetone is relatively safe, cheap, low in toxicity, easy to obtain and soluble in water.

It also has the advantage of evaporating quickly, allowing surfaces to dry in a short time. The mechanical action of washing with acetone is also more effective than washing with pressurized water.

It is these characteristics, above all its ability to effectively remove organic residues without leaving dangerous traces, that make acetone the ideal solution for the pharmaceutical industry in the field of cleaning metal surfaces in contact with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

UCW – ACE advanced washing technology

At LAST Technology, we have developed the cGMP UCW ACE line, a washing system that combines inertisation with nitrogen, pre-washing, washing and rinsing with acetone, and drying with compressed air. This machine is explosion-proof (ATEX) to handle the flammability of acetone, with the oxygen concentration constantly monitored along with the pressure and temperature of the acetone throughout the cycle.

One of the key innovations of this system is the central acetone reservoir and spray balls installed in the chamber and on the trolleys, designed to ensure deep and uniform cleaning for any load. The system is available with chamber volumes starting from 350L, offering flexibility and scalability for different industrial needs.

Improvements and innovation in terminal sterilisers

In addition to the acetone washing system, we have improved our terminal sterilisers by focusing on the rotating loading system. During the entire heating, sterilisation and cooling process, the load rotates thanks to an electromechanical device that allows the frame to move. This eliminates the risk of coagulation or stratification of the product inside the container, ensuring uniform and effective sterilisation.

It is this constant commitment to innovation, combined with the ability to respond to the increasingly complex and rigorous requirements of the sector, that makes LAST Technology the perfect trusted partner for the design and production of washing equipment, disinfection, sterilisation, depyrogenation and decontamination.