STERIL+ Medical Steam Autoclaves


The Autoclaves type STERIL + are particularly designed for sterilization by steam of heat-resistant and moisture-stable materials used in CSSDs (central sterile services departments) such as metal surgical tools, medical clothes, etc.


Pre-selected and custom-made programs for any need. The machine process is developed by our Automation Department following the current codes/standards and type of product to be processed. Vacuum or Pressure leak test, Bowie & Dick test, Helix test, Program for wrapped products at 121 °C, Program for unwrapped products at 121 °C, Program for wrapped products at 134 °C, Program for unwrapped products at 134 °C etc. The steam is injected into the chamber through a PID controlled valve and the condensate is continuously evacuated through the drain for guaranteeing an excellent distribution of the heat during all sterilization phase (temperature deviation below ± 0.4 °C).
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