Our RSA turns into Premium. Welcome to the new frontier of sterilization.

An “all in one solution” properly developed to face new market demands. To reduce the running costs or to fit the spaces, are just few of the several requirements we receive every day from our customers.

Here therefore how the new RSA has been designed. A combination of 3 different processes in 1 chamber only:

  • High Pressure – High Vacuum process for solids and porous loads
  • Terminal sterilization process with Air + Steam Mixture for liquids in small containers such as ampoules, vials and PFS
  • Terminal sterilization process with Overheated Water for liquids in large containers such as BFS bottles, pounces and bags

The result is simply obvious. On one hand we have a big foot-print reduction, on the other a considerable saving in validation and running costs; basically the better solution for CMOs.

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